WP3: Dynamic modelling and design

The objective was to develop models for the BtL production process for optimal and safe design and operation of the fuel production. The models to be developed should be categorized by type of model: Steady state or dynamic, Process section: Carbo V® Gasification and the downstream units (DU), type of plant: Beta or Sigma.

Modelling and simulation were carrried out using the engineering software tools PRO/II and DYNSIM  and enabled the design of a larger scale plant, supported operation of existing plants and to deliver results for HAZOP studies.

Activities in WP 3 proceeded until the insolvency of CHOREN in June 2011. 




INVENSYS has developed dynamic simulation process models and implemented those in INVENSYS' DYNSIM dynamic simulation environment. An example of the graphical representation of a process model in the simulation environment is provided below (integrated dynamic simulation model for the Unit 1: CARBO-V process).


In a similar fashion all process units have been modelled and implemented in the simulation software. The simulation models have been tested against process design data as well as beta-plant data for the gasification.