WP1: Feedstock and logistics

Develop a feedstock supply strategy for future industrial BtL production

Establishment of 200 ha demonstration plantations with fast growing trees on agricultural land.


Development of feedstock supply strategy and concepts for a large scale BtL plant (200000 t BtL/a).


  • Biomass procurement strategies from regional and international feedstock sources
  • Optimized biomass logistics of different feedstock qualities and regions of origin
  • Concept of large scale short rotation coppice (SRC) plantation establishment for large scale bioenergy plants
  • 230 ha of SRC in Eastern-Germany and NW-Poland planted
  •  Assessment of biomass potential in India



200 ha of short rotation coppice (SRC) were planted on several locations in northeast Germany and Poland with excellent results.

  • Contractual arrangements with land owners have been established.
  • A biomass feedstock sourcing concept showed supply strategies for larger scale plants. 
  • Lessons learned show that efficient weed control is critical to get good growing results in the first year.
  • An additional task has been included in the workprogramme:  Investigation of biomass ressources and potential for BtL production in India. First results are expected in 2011.